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Broken Mac Book Pro.

saxt5 -

Mi Problema

I repaired an early 2011 15 inch Mac Book Pro.

The computer was completely bent in half and the display was cracked. The computer booted up, however, I was not sure if I could fix this.Your site provided me the much needed confidence to conduct a complete make over of this computer!

This computer belonged to my boss and was damaged as a result of carelessly leaving it on the car seat as they loaded up the car for a long road trip.The luggage was piled on top of the computer and the weight of all the suitcases bent the computer in half right at the dividing rib where the battery and the hard drive resides.

Mi Solucion

The repair was straight forward after I bought the Pro Tech Toolkit as my insipid general purpose screw drivers were of absolutely no Help!

Mi Consejo

The display was the most difficult.I carefully followed the tear down guide for the display and was not able to attach the machine screws laying the computer on its side.After drinking a few cups of coffee and taking a break I realized the display was shipped with the hinge in the closed position.

So I laid the display down on its back with the display facing up and carefully held the main body at a right angle to the display.

This allowed me to attach the main body to the display .I wish I had recorded this but in all honesty I thought I may not be able to complete this part of the repair!!

Imagen Pro Tech Toolkit
Pro Tech Toolkit


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