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Clamshell Memory Upgrade

eyeleica -

PowerBook G3 Pismo

PowerBook G3 Pismo RAM Replacement

PowerBook G3 Pismo RAM Replacement


Mi Problema

Clamshell running very slowly, I thought more memory might pick up the speed a notch or two.

Mi Solucion

Following the iFixit guide for memory replacement on the Clamshell iBook, the removal of the old ram and the installation of the new went well.

Mi Consejo

I had a couple of moments trying to remove the battery. There was no plastic strip to pull the battery up, but that was easy to solve. Re-installing the AirPort Card was touchy with difficulty getting the bottom slots to line up with the pins........the connection is in a blind spot, but with several tries it was success.

The guide iFixit provided was excellent and any hesitation was removed with the assurance that the proper way to proceed was in the guide.

Was installing more ram in an old Clamshell worth it? Some would question the expense compared to the result, but I've seen about a 40 % increase in processing speed. Web pages with lots of stuff on them run much faster now. To me, the Clamshell is one of the classiest laptop designs ever. Now it can be used confidently for general computer work.

Thanks, iFixit!

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