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I'm Very Happy

rabee -

Mi Problema

i got the new iphone 5 after my iphone 4 screen crashed so i was looking for a screen i went to our local shops and installed a screen but its stop working then another one the same problem happend so i decided to have one from internet and to be guinus i found a lot of websites selling this i found and i feeling good about it and thanks god i'm happy with that expiriance ;)

Mi Solucion

searching youtube (i didnt know that ifixit provide us with the how to's :( )

but i made it smoothly and its works perfectly right now.

Mi Consejo

if the screen wire not reach the motherbord try this >> the small wire that coming from the screen make sure you pulled it all into the hole of your iphone base becouse i tried two times then i found thats not fully pulled through the hole of the base.

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