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fixed my broken iphone dock

SkatermasterS -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Replacement

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Replacement

25 minutos - 1 hora


Mi Problema

first i had a shattered back plate and to top it off the bottom screws were stripped, but that didnt stop me from taking the back plate off. When i finally got the back plate off i didnt realize i cut the cable connected to the logic board. My first thought was to go check ifixit and order a new dock connector.

Mi Solucion

the repair took 10 minutes, taking it off was easy but the home button connector took some time to get in but i got it. now my phone is back to normal and in working condition.

Mi Consejo

make sure to use a good screwdriver and small tweezers, if not it will make the repair process a lot harder.

Imagen iPhone 4S Dock Connector
iPhone 4S Dock Connector


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