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fantastic tools for everyday use

scottguest -

Mi Problema

the problem? not having any high quality tools at work to repair laptops and getting fed up with the situation of using bad quality tools to do what is sometimes intricate work... I also got fed up with breaking plastic spudgers and resorting to using a craft knife for opening certain laptop casings.

Mi Solucion

well as I say, its not so much that I bought these tools for a single repair, oh no, these guys so far have been put to work and have had a lot of good use. Take today as an instance of a regular day at work. I had to replace 3 D/C jacks on 3 different laptops and 2 screens on another few laptops. One particular laptop, a Samsung RV711, was proving quite difficult in the separation of the top and bottom casings. Thankfully the included array of metal spudgers made sure that by taking my time and slowly working around the edges, that I was able to get the job completed without breaking any retaining clips or causing any scratches or other undue damage to the laptop. So far, these tools are doing the job they were intended for very well, they are of a high quality and I don't expect I will need to replace them any time soon. Of course the other hope now, is that these tools will allow me to expand into other types of repair, particularly, mobile devices.

Mi Consejo

not really sure what to advise as I haven't really taken on one particular repair, but rather, many repairs using these tools. my one piece of advice in using these tools is to make sure that when you are using the 54 bit driver kit, that you only take out the parts of the kit you actually need to use, otherwise the kit could easily become mixed up and screw driver bits could get misplaced easily. other than that its pretty much plain sailing!

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Pro Tech Toolkit


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