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Fixing a dent in the upper case

midgeymania -

Mi Problema

I dropped my Macbook Pro one day while in a rush to school and it dented the front right corner of my case which also screwed up my hard drive. First I replaced my hard drive which was no issue but the dents in the case were really bothering me. I needed room to be able to hammer out the dent but was not able to because the logic board was there so I needed to remove it. I didn't have any Torx screwdrivers or spudgers so I ordered the Home Tech Toolkit. Following the guide on the iFixit site it took me about an hour give or take 15 minutes to take care of the problem. Very necessary toolkit to have for many repairs with these products.

Mi Solucion

I followed the guide on iFix it using the tools included with the toolkit. The guide itself did all the work I just followed instructions.

Mi Consejo

Always use anti-static wristbands or pads when working with electronics!

Imagen Essential Electronics Toolkit
Essential Electronics Toolkit


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