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iphone 4s camera replacement (YOU CAN DO IT)

ezevans -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Rear Camera Replacement

iPhone 4S Rear Camera Replacement

30 minutos - 2 horas


Mi Problema

My iphone fell of of a car roof while in a mophie juice box case. it destoyed the mophie and smashed the front glass. I opted to have the front professionally installed (would do it with ifixit now).

Mi Solucion

The back glass was fine but the force shattered one of the rear camera's lenses. after looking into it I decided to try to fix it myself.

The directions were fantastic, very detailed. I bought the recommended tools (do this). I was nervous, but dove in. Don't do this in a room with carpet if you can help it. the screws are impossibly small. Ifixit recommends buying replacement screws for the pentelope screws that open the rear glass. I got them out and back in with no stripping, but could easily see stripping these or the philips head screws inside. Track your screws as they are almost all different lengths and perhaps widths.

Mi Consejo

use strong even pressure on all the screws and keep the driver at a crisp 90%. Place the screws in a clear order of removal.

Imagen iPhone 4S Rear Camera
iPhone 4S Rear Camera


Imagen Phillips #00 Screwdriver
Phillips #00 Screwdriver


Imagen Tweezers


Imagen P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone
P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone


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