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Did what I needed it to

kylemccurry -

Mi Problema

Upgraded the girlfriends macbook and figured it was time to upgrade my old toolkit. What I had before was mostly for desktop computers, so no real precision tools to speak of.

Mi Solucion

The bits are of a high quality, so I had no issues of stripping screws or anything. They're a great level of magnetism for those tiny little screws and the toolkit had everything I need and more.

Mi Consejo

I don't like the actual is not large enough to get good torque, and you can't always use the extension for that little extra as I needed the extension for several things. Also not a fan of the cheap plastic lining in the bit set or how the toolkit folds up...there is just too much material for a tri-fold so it feels bunched up when closed. Other than that, I love everything about this toolkit and will continue to use it. I just may buy a new bit handle from elsewhere.

Imagen Pro Tech Toolkit
Pro Tech Toolkit


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