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iPad 3 front panel replacement

jason -

Mi Problema

This in my wife's pride and joy. She uses it all the time, including with our baby daughter (our other pride and joy). At the time of the 'accident' I was with our daughter it dropped from her (the daughter's) hands. So I felt responsible, as I recently bought an iPad mini for myself. My first action was to take it to Apple Service Provider, where I was told it would cost £300 to repair. The second action was to go to ifixit site for tutorials and some tools and parts. What's amazing is that I ordered on the 31 Dec 2012 and received goods on the 2 Jan 2013.

Mi Solucion

I spend two days studying various tutorials and videos from iFixit and TechRepublic cracking open. Then I created a list of each step I had to go though, even for the testing part at the end. Lined up my tools and started heating and inserting to separate the glass, that took two hours. It was the most difficult part as the glass kept smashing. So I had to work slower.

After removing the panel, things are much more strait forward.

Test before stick on the adhesive.

The process went like clock work. Total time 2:30 hours

It is was huge ego bust.

Mi Consejo

1. Research - Watch videos. Read tutorials spend sometime making a list of the process.

2. Patience - If it is your first time, work slowly. If there are moments of despair, take a beak and relax.

3. Test BEFORE applying final touches (such us glue etc).

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