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Macbook Pro 15" mid 2010 had pop spill on keyboard, would not power up.

garykoril -

Mi Problema

Apple wanted $1240.00 to fix the unit without even knowing what was wrong. I found ifixit and ordered the tools to diagnose the unit. As I took the unit apart the spill was confined to the keyboard and power button. This meant a new upper case, everything else looked fine. There was residue on the antenna ribbon and a dot on the edge of the logic board, not near any electronics.

Mi Solucion

The upper case came very fast and was an exact replacement. The ifixit guide was very good. I followed it step by step. Used water to clean just the two dots of residue. I cleaned, dusted off, everything else and put it back together in reverse order of the guide. The unit powered up fine, I put a full charge on it and did a full hardware test. No problems were found. The only problem I had with the tool kit is I got two T5 bits and no T6 bit. Check your kit before you need it. I had a T6 from a hard drive replacement and used that. As this was the first time I used ifixit I did not take pictures. Next time I will.

Mi Consejo

I have read most of the ifixit guides for this Macbook Pro. I believe this to be the best way to diagnose and fix a problem I have come across. I will continue to use ifixit for anything I need to "fix" that they have reference to. I encourage anyone to do the same. However, for this "shared" repair experience to continue you must submit your experience, including pictures and problems. Pictures say a 1000 words and your problems could prevent others repeating that problem. I will always take pictures in the future and always respond with them.

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Pro Tech Toolkit


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