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Instructions good, not great

zacharyschrag -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

5 - 30 minutos


Mi Problema

iPhone 4 had limited battery life

Mi Solucion

Battery replacement took about 20 minutes and was successful.

Mi Consejo

  • Repair instructions refer to pieces (contact clip, pressure contact) not labeled in photo or diagram. The iPhone 4 Teardown page was somewhat helpful here.
  • Reassembling the phone was more difficult than taking it apart, especially getting the screw to hold down the battery connector.
  • The video and written instructions stress the need to "clean all metal-to-metal contact points," but they don't show how to do this. Instead, I wore latex gloves during the repair to avoid getting oils onto the parts. That seems to have worked.
Imagen Phillips #00 Screwdriver
Phillips #00 Screwdriver


Imagen Phillips #000 Screwdriver
Phillips #000 Screwdriver


Imagen iPhone 4 Replacement Battery
iPhone 4 Replacement Battery


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