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Working on iPhone 4s Lock Button

aaronbaucom -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Pentalobe Screws Replacement

iPhone 4 Pentalobe Screws Replacement

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Mi Problema

My girlfriends iPhone 4s lock button died and it was no longer in warranty. Software workaround was available from the iOS Assistive touch menu, but I wanted to try and fix it for her.

Mi Solucion

Was able to crack open the iPhone quite easily and replace the screws. I inserted a thin strip of plastic between the edge of the phone under the lock button and the ribbon cable above the camera which connects to the lock button. Took a lot of fiddling with, but finally got it working. Saw this approach in a YouTube video.

Mi Consejo

If you're not yet ready to dive into the full lock button replacement (spoiler alert: it involves significant disassembly of the iPhone), try slipping some material under the button. It's a little wonky but if you play with it you can get to work!

Imagen iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit
iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit


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