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There are dinosaurs in Southern California....

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PowerBook G4 PRAM Battery Replacement

PowerBook G4 PRAM Battery Replacement

5 minutos


Mi Problema

This second 667MHz Titanium PB could not keep time and was exhibing unusual behavior. PRAM battery time!!!

Mi Solucion

The Repair went fine. Uneventful going in and out. The solder job

was fine - thanks to a 45+ year old vise!!!!! Piece 'a cake.

Mi Consejo

The only head scratcher was that the disassembly up to the optical drive did not match reality. My PB had a couple of ribbon cables and two small 2-wire connectors to undo. And, of course the hard drive (hold-down) bracket wasn't the same. I was sure I clicked on the 667 MHz Titanium.... all's well that end swell.

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