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Dell !&&*!!!

theodoric52 -

Mi Problema

Needed some "tinker-toy" machines for experimentation/resell. Got 3 Dell towers from a friend; 2 Dimension 2400's & 1 Dimension 3000 in somewhat abused condition, but all basic working parts present.

Mi Solucion

Cleaned all 3 cases out, checked all connections & components for visible damage. The 3000 lit off, no prob. The 2400's, NOT! Checked PSU's & power switches; tested OK. MOBO power lights come on when PSU's plugged in/turned on(no switch on one); still no joy. Checked again for missing jumpers; OK. Connected 3000's PSU to both 2400's; not a peep! Bad MOBO's? I'm using the downloaded Dell Dimension 2400 Service Manual, so far.

Mi Consejo

I know a guy at Goodwill who can scrap the 2400's out for parts if I wipe the 40 Gig HD's. Until I opt for that, it's a work in progress. Less that thrilled? Hey, y'all asked.

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