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I had a iPhone 3gs battery replaced from Cellphone Repair with their new battery

karenannriley -

Mi Problema

I had a iphone 3 gs my battery started shutting down @ 70% so I had it replaced with a cellphone repair with them putting in their 3 gs new battery replacement. I had the same issues after they put in their 3 gs replacement battery with my phone shutting down at 60%. So I got on the internet trying to find some solutions because I new nothing was wrong with my phone but it was a battery issue everything else worked perfectly. So I came across this ifixit & I read several posts & seen where once they ordered a 3 gs Replacement Battery that it fixed their battery. I done been through so much expense trying to get my battery issue resolved so I was willing to take a chance because I really didn't want to buy another iphone right now. Here's the results. I'm absolutely amazed with my results. Remind you that I had my battery replaced/installed by a professional. Their battery didn't hold up & was still under warranty. So I order a iPhone 3 gs Replacement Battery from I called the Cellphone repair that installed my battery before they told me they would install it with an outsource battery & charge me $25 I said that's fine. I just want my iphone to work without shutting down & hold a charge like it suppose too. So I had it done & here are my amazing results. IT ABSOULUTELY WORKS!!! I tell my friends now that has issues with their batteries about this site. I already been dealing with this for awhile so I thought I would take another chance & see...Amazing results...Thanks ifixit !!!

Mi Solucion

It was done by a professional see story above!!!

Mi Consejo

If you are having your iphone shutting down at 60% or more resetting your iphone settings, or restoring it neither one works I tried them. Only thing that worked for me was getting a 3 gs Replacement Battery from & I had mine installed by professional. Thanks I'm so happy now it's like I got a new iphone now!!! Another tip: After you done replacing the new 3 gs replacement battery, it is necessary to do a battery calibrating. To do this, simply charge your iphone until the display indicates the battery is fully charged then keep charging for about 1 hour. After that, unplug the adapter from your iphone & drain the battery completely. Do this step at least 3 times & your new replacement battery is calibrated.

Imagen iPhone 3GS Replacement Battery
iPhone 3GS Replacement Battery


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