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PS3 - YLOD Repair

lrodentx -

PlayStation 3

Yellow Light of Death Repair

Yellow Light of Death Repair

1 - 2 horas


Mi Problema

My PS3 died with the YLOD, I missed my blu-ray player. :(

Mi Solucion

On the downside: I took everything apart no thanks to the diagrams on the YLOD repair guide. I guess my PS3 was older because the guts looked nothing like the pictures in the repair guide.

On the upside: The guide did tell me what to do to fix the problem and I only had 5 screws left over when I put it all back together. And lastly, it is currently working again.

Mi Consejo

If you have this problem and you want to fix it yourself, buy the iFixit repair kit.

This fix is not for the faint at heart. I thought I rip out the blu-ray player's ribbon cable socket and then I had a hard time getting the PS3 case apart at the back of the device.

But in the end I did manage to bring this puppy back to life!!!

Imagen PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit
PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit


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