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iPhone 4S Power button

jgon -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Power and Sensor Cable Replacement

iPhone 4S Power and Sensor Cable Replacement

2 - 3 horas


Mi Problema

The power button stopped working. You could no longer feel the button click when pressed. My local apple store would have charged $150 for the repair plus I would have been without a phone for at least a week.

I could not find a definite answer as to the part that I needed to fix my issue so for those having the same symptoms you need to buy the "power and sensor cable" for the correct phone model. I also bought the screw driver kit which helped a lot.

Mi Solucion

The repair went really well. The instructions provided on ifixit.com is what made the difference, without them I've be looking at a completely dead phone.

Mi Consejo

I strongly recommend that you set at least 2-3 hours aside in a well lit area with no interruptions. On a piece of paper make a grid to hold the screws/parts that you remove while writing down the related step number. Also, take your time!!! Do not rush!!!

Imagen iPhone 4S Power and Sensor Cable
iPhone 4S Power and Sensor Cable


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