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The most coolest toolkit I've ever seen

jknox -

Mi Problema

Actually haven't fixed anything yet. Wanted to plan for the future with this really cool toolkit. I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Can't wait to start using all the cool tools inside.

Mi Solucion

Since there hasn't been a repair yet, there aren't any stories to tell. But I'm sure it will go well with this crazy cool toolkit. My first task is to open up a laptop that wasn't meant to be opened up. Them I'm planning on helping a buddy fix his iPhone. All of that will be simple with this cool toolkit.

Mi Consejo

The only advice I can give so far is to get the ifixit handy dandy toolkit. Then use all the excellent advice they give on their site for fixing things. What more could you ask? A great toolkit and step by step instructions how to fix things with it. I feel like I'm in heaven!

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