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The Doctor( operating room)


Mi Problema

Iam called mr fixit . Iam a retired Video Engineer from Verizon. I perform repair on many item thru the years (radio, tv, vcr , just name it i fixed it) At present i build and repair computers and work on some flat screen tv. Back in the day i did all of radio shacks repair which helped me pay my way thru college.

Mi Solucion

I got a call from a cutomer wanting me to take a look at a Macbook pro. The lcd was cracked and there was a problem with the hard drive. The tool kit was right on time. They help to keep from scratching the case of the mac. Some of the tools I already had but your case help organize everything.

Mi Consejo

The magnetic pad sure helps with all the screws envolve in taking laptopp aparts

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