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Laptop disassembly made easy

Marco Lepe -

Mi Problema

I had to disassemble several laptops and I couldn't find the right tools. One of these laptops is an Asus Zenbook, which I didn't want to ruin using the wrong tools for the job.

Mi Solucion

The Pro Tech Toolkit had every driver I needed right out of the box, plus the magnetic mat helped me a lot in organizing all the screws and pieces, so when I needed to reassemble the laptop I had everything in order to just grab screws and tight them.

Mi Consejo

I've used other cheaper kits to disassemble laptops, but none of them were as close to this one.

The construction is well done, driver is magnetized so you don't loose any screws and assemble them easily, you'll rarely need a driver bit that isn't already on the kit.

The bottom line is that this kit pays for itself with the combination of construction quality and ease of use, you just simply ENJOY taking things apart. With the added bonus that the money you save in one or two repairs pays for the kit itself.

I've added to the kit a set of high quality dental curette's which were very handy for cleaning purposes (3 GOLDMAN-FOX Dental Curette Anterior & Premolar SURGICAL DENTAL INSTRUMENTS found on eBay).

Keep it simple and enjoy !!

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