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Wahoo! My Mac Mini Screams Now

robertlee29 -

Mi Problema

Need to speed up my computer by installing a SSD as boot drive and a

second hard drive on my mac mini for data storage

Mi Solucion

I have downloaded the OWC video on how to take apart the mac mini

server which was about the same step as the ifixit guide and I watch

it a few times before I start doing on my own Mac Mini. This process

took me about 40min was not hard at all just take your time and make

sure don't speed things up and should get it done without any


Mi Consejo

Install any SSD for booting which will speed up the computer by a lot

Use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone your old hard drive with OS X and

application to your new SSD without reinstall the OS

I would also recommend to use a 750GB or 1TB hard drive for your data


restart your system and enjoy your new SSD speed :)

Imagen Mac mini Dual Drive Kit
Mac mini Dual Drive Kit


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