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MacMini 2012 with 2011 guide

cgrace -

Mac mini Mid 2011

Installing Mac mini Mid 2011 Dual Hard Drive Kit

Installing Mac mini Mid 2011 Dual Hard Drive Kit

2 - 4 horas


Mi Problema

I needed to put an SSD as my system disk but I didn't wanted to pay the AppleStore prices.

Mi Solucion

My first dismantling was a time capsule to change the HDD. This dismantling was only my second experience. Everything went quite well even some of the screws were different, but I used also the 2012 teardown guide.

Mi Consejo

2 problems :

Impossible to put back the silver metal AC socket retainer. I had to open once again the mini because the piece was moving inside. I get rid of it. Not a big deal.

Once you have dismantle the original HDD it's difficult to put it back exactly in the grommets hole, so I finally put the side screws away (only 2 screws on the HDD to put away).

Very happy with my dual hard drive kit that I got by regular postal service without any taxes (I'm in Paris).

Thanks again !

Imagen Mac mini Dual Drive Kit
Mac mini Dual Drive Kit


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