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MacBook Pro 15 A1260 Upgrade to Seagate 750GB Hybrid

Mark -

Mi Problema

I was running out of disk space on my 200GB drive

Mi Solucion

It took about 4 hours to migrate my old HDD to the new one, using the Firewire 800 interface of the external HDD enclosure you sell. 1F107-097-1.

The actual replacement of the drive in the MacBook Pro took about an hour or less.

Mi Consejo

The install went exactly as documented in the guide for the regular 750GB drive. Some additional information from my experience:

When the data migration to the new drive finished (a little less than 4 hours with your firewire 800/USB 2.0 case - I used the firewire connector) the access light was still flashing when I closed SuperDuper. I wasn't sure if the solid state drive portion of the drive was still destaging data to the disk. I left it run for about 30 minutes and then ejected the drive. Activity finally stopped.

2. The small cables at the front top of the HDD are routed through a channel to get to the drive. Put the small cable in first, with the larger, more heavily insulated cable on top. They need to be in the channel so they aren't smashed by the keyboard assembly.

3. There is a breather hole on the 750GBGB Hybrid drive that is right where the ribbon cable ends near the connectors. Be careful when resticking the ribbon cable, that it does not cover the breather hole on the top of the drive. Same goes when reinstalling the yellowish tape that holds the drive cables down.

4. When I booted for the first time, it took about 2 or 3 minutes of gray screen until the Apple logo came up. Then another couple minutes of gray screen until my desktop appeared. Be patient.

My MacBook Pro not only has much more disk space but runs much, much faster! The upgrade is very easy to do.

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