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Like a surgeon cutting for the very first time.

mhawkgmaee08 -

Mi Problema

I own an iPod Touch Gen 2 which is one of the only none camera Apple products there is, so I had to repair it. I needed a new battery, headphone (to hopefully fix an issue where the external speaker won't work because of an issue with the headphone jack. Read about it on a forum) and new LCD screen because the back light was fluttering.

Mi Solucion

Not well but may have not been entirely my doing. This was my first ever attempt at such work, thus, the title of my post. The seal around the touch screen almost completely delaminated upon removal of the screen and taking some of the plastic with it. I also somehow damaged it because it didn't work upon reassembly. I had some growth work in replacing the touch screen. My soldering was shoddy due to inexperience and not using the right tools. My temperature controlled soldering iron with small tip broke so I had to use a friends soldering iron which turned out to be way to hot and to bulky to do quality soldering. Ended up with some ugly, borderline cold solder joints and slightly burnt PCB but they all worked. Installation of the new touch screen and test of the head phone jack is pending.

Mi Consejo

Make sure you are using an appropriately powered soldering iron with a small tip. With the issues I had with the rubber seal around the touch screen, I would caution anyone working on an older iPod Touch that damaging the rubber seal is rather unavoidable.

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