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Beer spill, WHAT A MESS!!!

arpiovan -

Mi Problema

I was drinking my nice and cold beer and messing aroung with my six-months-old Mackbook Pro (not a good ideia). Than, with a very quick movement, I hit the glass and 355 ml of cold beer went all over the keyboard, instantly shutting off the laptop. I didn't have time to do anything, besides putting it upside down trying to pour out as much beer as I could. The laptop stayed upside down over night and on the next morning I tried to turn it on, but no success. On the next day, I sent it to an authorized repair shop and after a couple of days, the tecnician said I would have to change the logic board and the upper case w/ keyboard, because they were burned/short circuit. The repair would have cost me R$ 2,600.00 (US$ 1350, give or take). I almost died when I saw the price. I decided not to repair it and took it back home. Then I made a decision: To open it myself and see what was going on!

Mi Solucion

I research a lot on the internet before doing it. I got the tools I needed and started. I disassembled completely the laptop, cleaned with isopropyl alcohol every piece of board, including that little part where the power cord goes. I stripped down the back part of the keyboard and cleaned with the alcohol too. Than I let it dry for a few hours, putted everything back together, plugged in the power cord and, voilá! Here I'm writing this from my drunk macbook pro!

Mi Consejo

Get ALL the tools you need before you star anything. Really, by doing so will save you a lot of time.

Research a lot before you start. Gather as much info as possible!

I also used my wife's computer to go over the step-by-step from ifixit. You guys ROCK!

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