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Smelly keyboard be gone!

pkruep -

iBook G3 12"

iBook G3 12" Keyboard Replacement

iBook G3 12" Keyboard Replacement

10 - 20 minutos


Mi Problema

My iBook G3 was one of those with the smelly keyboard issue. It took a few years to get to it, but I finally replaced the keyboard with one that doesn't smell.

Mi Solucion

Reasonably well. I believe I ordered the correct part, except that the keyboard connect cable was a tad longer than the original so it doesn't fit quite as precisely as I would prefer. The extra cable length causes the keyboard to bulge a little in the middle. Still, it more or less fits, the computer works, the case closes, and best of all, it no longer smells.

Mi Consejo

I didn't know or really expect (or even think about) that there are different ribbon cable lengths for the keyboard. I wish there was some way to have learned that ahead of time. A shot of the back of the keyboard, indicating cable length would have been great.

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