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Look out world

teethonreed -

Mi Problema

No problem, not yet at least. Now I begin dismantling everything in sight for parts (and curiosity).

Mi Solucion

Pro toolkit is awesome. Love the opening tools. I've taken apart 2 keyboards, 4 calculators and a TV remote so far and put them back together without a scratch. Tweezers are excellent for breadboard work. The screwdriver set is worth the price of the kit by itself.

Mi Consejo

Practice on cheap stuff like calculators, old phones and broken stuff to build confidence. The hardest part for me is opening the plastic cases without scratching them or breaking off little tabs, etc. Safety glasses might be wise since plastic can store a lot of elastic energy and those little pieces really come flying off sometimes. Gloves aren't a bad idea, either.

Imagen Pro Tech Toolkit
Pro Tech Toolkit


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