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New Life For an Old iPod

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iPod 3rd Generation

iPod 3rd Generation Battery Replacement

iPod 3rd Generation Battery Replacement

45 minutos


Mi Problema

3G White scroll wheel iPod would no longer sync due to a battery that would no longer hold a charge. Though old, and dated, this iPod is still a great dedicated tunes machine for the car.

Mi Solucion

Getting the case open was tricky. Even as an experienced fixit guy, it took several tries before I got the fiirst case clip to release. Once opened, however, the battery replacement was pretty easy. It just took a bit of patience, and a delicate hand when removing the connectors from the circuit board.

Mi Consejo

I had the impression that the case clips were small, and close to the faceplate/rear case interface, but they are in fact quite large, and extend deep into the rear case. Once I realized this, I knew how much I had to pry open the gap to get them to release. They don't let go easily.

Imagen iPod 3G Replacement Battery
iPod 3G Replacement Battery


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