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The Noob!

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Electronics Skills

Electronics Skills Kit 101

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Mi Problema

One of our employees ran over someones lost iphone with a lawn mower, gave to to me destroyed so i decided to give it a shot at rebuilding it from scratch since i had no problem damaging a phone that was already punished and not mine.

Mi Solucion

Those super tiny screws r super hard to put in the right place, my fat fingers didnt help. The whole process took me about 2-3 hrs going through the guides step by step, making the pic HUGE, (great lil feature) and making sure i was doing it correctly.

Mi Consejo

My advice is resort to ifixit's site, they have EVERYTHING you will ever need, i love it! And its not just for iphones!

Wish i could post a pic but im on my ipad and it wont let me.

Imagen Electronics Skills Kit 101
Electronics Skills Kit 101


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