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My wife now thinks I'm a computer genius!

wilke93 -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Replacement

5 - 30 minutos


Mi Problema

My wife's macbook and my macbook pro (17") were both full to the point that we couldn't download anything. If my wife forgot to empty the trash on her computer she could only open a couple emails. We hadn't been able to download photos from cameras or iphones for about 6 months

Mi Solucion

I was scared....but figured I didn't have much to loose. Without new hard drives I was going to have to get two new laptops. I did all the work during down time while working in the Emergency Department. I watched the video on cloning a couple of times and read the pdf instructions before and then followed it step by step. My wife's MacBook took awhile; because I was scared.....but then seemed so easy and quick. Just a couple screws and it was done. She was very impressed. We are back to downloading photos....and even able to add some really big programs, such as Rosetta Stone, to her computer.

Armed with success on one computer, the next night at work I jumped into fixing my own. The MacBook Pro was clearly MUCH more involved. I was glad that I had already successfully done 3/4ths of the procedure seemed old hat. Plus most of the rest of the procedure just seemed like a lot more screws. However, getting the cover back on was a bit tricky. It took patience and a very gentle touch,,,and then pop, it just slipped right back into place. I've been very happy with the results on each of them.

Mi Consejo

1.) When cloning; disc utility opens automatically. I should have guessed that. Mac's are always pretty user friendly...but I spent a while looking for it.

2.) The bits in the tool set are labeled....but only with a tiny etching. You will need good eyes to read the labels. I also found it easier to use the tweezers to get each bit out; they are pretty snug at first. (That's a good thing. They don't fall out.)

3.) For both computers I put out a few blank sheets of paper first. As I did each step i would put the screws or parts on the paper, circle them, and write the number of the step in the circle. I was glad I did....since the screws all look kind of the same when it comes time to put it back together. All I had to do was go back down the steps and all the parts were labeled for each step. Crucial for the MacBook Pro.

4.) On the MacBook Pro I was scared to disconnect the trackpad and keyboard ribbon cable from the logic board. (Step 10) It didn't pop off easily and I wasn't sure what I would be pushing on to try to leverage it out. Once I had the upper case loose I couldn't really set it down to do anything reach the tool kit on the far side of the desk. So I propped the upper case (keyboard piece) against the screen of the computer at work and could then move to reach my tools. Then I realized, why disconnect it at all? I finished the remaining steps with the upper case propped up; and then I didn't have to worry about reconnecting the trackpad and keyboard ribbon cable to the logic board while working through the steps in reverse. It was still connected. :)

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