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Good products, but my Macbook Pro 6,1 was different from the guide

arthursugden -

MacBook Unibody Model A1278

MacBook Unibody Model A1278 Optical Drive Replacement

30 minutos - 1 hora


Mi Problema

I ran out of space on my main SSD, so I got a second one for the optibay.

Mi Solucion

It's a nerve-wracking 20-30 minutes with some tiny connectors, but the iFixit tools and enclosure are excellent. The review, however, had pictures of pretty different Macbook Pro, so I had to go to Youtube to view a movie from OWC. Also, while it's simple, it took me a while to figure out how much force I needed to put on the SSD to snap it in place in the enclosure. It's a lot. If it's lined up, then go for the gusto.

Mi Consejo

The reviews I read suggested that the Samsung 830 is the most reliable drive these days (and is what Apple installs). It's a bit more expensive than Crucial, but the Newegg Crucial reviews are not that good.

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Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits


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