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alanharvey72 -

iPod 5th Generation (Video)

iPod 5th Generation (Video) Display Replacement

iPod 5th Generation (Video) Display Replacement

45 minutos


Mi Problema

My iPod took an impact on the top edge of the casing which damaged the screen. Everything else was still fine, but the top half of the display was cracked and unreadable. For a long while afterwards I was still using it, trying to navigate the menus from memory. It was impossible to play any of the games or view photos so I ended up using it less often. Eventually I couldn't remember the menus and was getting frustrated at not being able to locate some of my favourite songs and playlists. Something had to be done to fix it.

Mi Solucion

The repair was fairly easy, although getting into the device took a long time as I was hesitant to apply too much force to separate the plastic front from the back casing. The rest of the procedure was just a simple matter of following all the step-by-step instructions. The new display fitted in perfectly and reassembling the device took just a couple of minutes. The iPod works perfectly once again, so now I can take my entire music collection with me (only room for about a third of my collection on my iPhone).

Mi Consejo

Don't think just because your device may be an older model that it is not worth repairing. It is definitely worth it to have it working properly again. What's the worst that can happen by attempting the repair yourself? - you break an already broken device. This is the third repair I have done using ifixit repair guides, and every time it has worked out brilliantly.

Imagen iPod Video Color Display
iPod Video Color Display


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