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Start of my iPhone education

scottkeegandevey -

Mi Problema

My mum had a broken screen on her iPhone 4s it's not the first time and was costing her alot to keep replacing it so I decided to educate my self in all things apple with the help of ifixit.

Mi Solucion

I purchased a LCD/digitiser assembly and ordered the required tools to fit all went well thanks to your online guides and walk throughs. All went well my mum is over the moon with the fix.

Mi Consejo

Preparation is key have all required tools to hand, have tidy work space and just take your time making notes of screw orders and numbered steps using magnetic board made everything so much easier.

Imagen Anti-Static Mat
Anti-Static Mat


Imagen Magnetic Project Mat
Magnetic Project Mat


Imagen Pro Tech Toolkit
Pro Tech Toolkit


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