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iphone 4 home button and pro tech tool kit

igolten -

Mi Problema

Home button worked but would not double click.

Mi Solucion

Scary at first but what a huge confidence boost having done it and it was really fun.

Took the phone apart all the way through the home button. Cleaned the home button and area. Used windex and a scraper to remove the gunk. during reassembly I broke off one of the EMI fingers on the speaker assembly. I thought about soldering it back on but with my poor soldering skills I thought I would do more damage. So I decided to try not reattaching the one of four fingers. Also there was a small rubber rectangular black piece that I think fell off when I took the display panel out. I never found where that went even though I scanned the pics. A stand off fell off the logic board but I found where that went and got it back in place. I wore latex gloves while doing it to try and avoid oil from my fingers getting on things, not sure if they are a ESD hazzard I was wearing the ESD wrist ground thing too keeping that against my skin.

The result after putting it back together is that the action seems better but still not as good as new. I only cleaned the home button did not replace it with new. I think I will live with it as is. (I am pretty picky too)

Took me ~ 3 hours but I purposly took my time and went real slow as it was my first time with micro electronics. Now I could probably do it easily in under an hour.

About the pro tech tool kit: overall very good and would recommend it. The screw set is awesome only minor complaint is that I would prefer slightly higher quality for the tweezer tools. They feel a little flimsy and I think the inside of the tweezer surface should be scored for better grip on things.

Mi Consejo

be extra careful with the EMI fingers

Imagen Pro Tech Toolkit
Pro Tech Toolkit


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