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My life in the gutter (The story of a HDD keeping you down)

birkhorst -

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Mi Problema

I tried all my best to cope with it. No matter how fast I tried to go, the HDD would hold my face down in the dirt, trying to slow me down, keep me from rendering my files.

I decided it was time to get rid of old habits.

Every night at dusk I went online, going as slow as I could, not to wake up my sleeping HDD.

Making my way around the web, I went looking for a replacement SSD. After many nights of researching and planning, down to the smallest detail, how I would execute the swift most efficiently so my HDD would never knew what hit it, I finally ordered my SSD from a secure site that wouldn't share my information with my worst enemy, the slowest HDD on the block, always trying to keep me down.

I had to get rid of that HDD for good, and so I did.

Mi Solucion

I recieved my tools and new SSD in a few days, quietly handed over by the delivery man. She didn't knew a thing.

I let her sleep for a few hours before beginning the operation. Swiftly I grabbed my tools and opened up the chassis, twisting and turning, fighting for my life I unplugged and unscrewed. Finally I was there, boy was I feeling good. Although thinking to myself all the time, "this can't be true, something will go wrong, ill screw it up and make my whole machine useless, she'll punish me like that, yeah, she always does." But sooner than nothing, I had removed the disease from my patient, and replaced it with a much healthier relationship with a goodwilled SSD, and in the end, everything worked better than I had ever hoped.

Mi Consejo

Don't ever let them hold you down! You have got to fight for your right to speed it up! It took me many years, oh boy. I dont want you to do the same mistake as did. Just go ahead and replace it now!

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