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Too much sun tan oil

mikeduviau -

iPod Nano 4th Generation

iPod Nano 4th Generation Display Replacement

iPod Nano 4th Generation Display Replacement


Mi Problema

It was my wife's iPod nano g4, after doing a pleasant walk on the beach we all put sunscreen on. That is where the problem started, to stop sand getting into the iPod she put it into the bag with the sun screen. But unknown to us one of the tubs had a split in it and the oil leaked out, into the body of the iPod .

When we got back to the campsite the iPod was found with a shoot display but the iPod was still working with on display. I remember a Tekzilla show that mentioned Ifixit, so i got on to the net and with a few taps on the keys a new display was on it way.

After we returned from our holiday the box was waiting for us (not bad US to Uk in a week).

Mi Solucion

All i did was to fellow the info on the Ifixit web page and it was done all working. :-) Just the best, very easy.

Mi Consejo

I would say just follow the info given and NO more.

Imagen iPod nano (4th Gen) Color Display
iPod nano (4th Gen) Color Display


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