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Ipad 2 front glass replacement

mfratto -

Mi Problema

I like to fix things and it was cheaper to fix the glass than to buy a new one.

Mi Solucion

The repair is easy except for the wireless / bluetooth antenna. All of the articles that I read talked about cutting the wires. There really are no wires to cut. The problem is that the antenna is very thin foil and is glued to both the bottom case and to the glass. So when the glass is separated from case, part of the antenna stays on the case and part comes away with the glass. Replacing this antenna takes some time and patience.

Mi Consejo

The antenna is located to the right of the home button. My advice is to begin to break the seal in this area so that with a good light you can see in the crack between the glass and the case. Then with a helper holding the heat gun and you working with an exacto knife, you can begin to very carefully peel the antenna away from the glass so that all of it stays with the case.

Also you need to measure the exact location for the home button support cradle, as there are no markings on the new glass. If the cradle is not located in the exact position, it will not contact with the two spring loaded contacts in the case.

Imagen iPad 2 Digitizer Front Panel
iPad 2 Digitizer Front Panel


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