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Ipod Touch

davehgilmour -

Mi Problema

Smashed Screen

Mi Solucion


The instructions were clear enough, but after the whole process, it turned out the replacement screen was defective...

White screen ( apparently not unusual)

but with 2 large Blackout spots, one the size of a quarter, one the size of a dime on the energized screen.

Have ordered an new screen, will try again

Mi Consejo

Very tiny screws and connectors. Must gave a Magnifying light Lamp to replaces the Phillips Screws. The instruction and photos were clear enough, but mention of a magnifing lamp shoul be included, at the get go.

There is a risk that a Tested part..... isn't tested, or is defective, or took a hit in shipping. Them's the breaks with the internet.

All I can do, is try again, or discard the project as a failure

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