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Mid 2010 Macbook Pro Upper Case Replacement

spontaniusf -

Mi Problema

Water Damage - the keyboard and power switch were inoperable. Also the battery was not recognized .

Mi Solucion

Amazingly well, fully functional laptop now. It takes a bit of time, as you pretty much have to take out every component from the upper case, but there are no huge pitfalls if you follow the guide. Also reassembly is fairly easy, as the connectors are mostly pop in. Also the battery worked fine after being taken out then put into the new upper case. Always try to re install batteries or clear the memory before replacing a battery that shows as not installed.

Mi Consejo

Check the replacement case that you have. Mine came with the right speaker already installed as well as the sata cables for the hard drive. In disassembly there are two extremely small screws that hold part of the hard drive cable assembly in place. I spent a lot of time trying to wrestle these screws out, only when I finnaly got them out did I realize I didn't need those parts as the replacement case already had them installed. Just follow the guide step for step and you will be fine.

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TR6 Torx Security Screwdriver


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