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For professional use

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Mi Problema

I was having a hard time locating real quality tools in Europe. I have bought 5 different Phillips #00 srewdrivers, which all where bigger than they were supposed to.

I repair iPhones on a daily basis, so having quality tools is an absolutely must. I do not regret buying those, in comparison, rather expensive tools, because the quality is simply outstanding.

I would recommend buying tools from ifixit anytime.

Mi Solucion

I haven't had any problems with the tools. They do the work perfectly.

Mi Consejo

Good tools go a long way :)

Imagen Spudger


Imagen Phillips #00 Screwdriver
Phillips #00 Screwdriver


Imagen Flathead 3/32" or 2.5 mm Screwdriver
Flathead 3/32" or 2.5 mm Screwdriver


Imagen Metal Spudger
Metal Spudger


Imagen iSesamo Opening Tool
iSesamo Opening Tool


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