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Replace LCD Display on 15" MacBook Pro

jbway -

Mi Problema

Broken LCD display on 15" MacBook Pro

Mi Solucion

Ultimately it was a success. Your tools were ordered to help my wonderful brothers, son and nephew replace the display on my MBP. Your tools worked fine, but because ONE screw on the MacBook was damaged and could not be removed (from a prior repair done by Microcenter), it ended up taking them 2-very frustrating hours to work around the problem. Once the screw was out, the rest of the work proceeded without incident.

Mi Consejo

Have the good fortune to be a member of a family like mine who had the knowledge and the perseverance needed for this project!

Seriously, proceed with caution, but only if you're willing to adopt the attitude, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and be able to deal with the outcome without going cracker dogs.

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Essential Electronics Toolkit


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