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Removal of CSP (chip scale package) devices from PCB and solder ball rework

robertdemel -

Mi Problema

The product is used in a failure analysis lab, so the device/chip was removed to determine root cause failure. Due to the small size of the CSP devices, some level of magnification is helpful for delicate handling with tweezers.

Mi Solucion

We primarily have one guy in the lab to do all the "dirty" work, and he has high success rate in removing the CSP devices. The repair is rebuilding/reflowing the CSP solder balls to allow testing of the devices.

Mi Consejo

- LOTS of patience.

- A good stereo microscope on an adjustable microscope

stand for X, Y, Z movement.

- Hot air or infrared solder wand with backheater soldering


- Carbon tweezers for non-heated general handling.

- Coated tip tweezers for heated and hazardous chemical


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