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Keeping up with the Joneses...

Phin5 -

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Battery Replacement

iPhone 3G Battery Replacement

25 minutos


Mi Problema

I wanted to activate my husband's old iPhone, but it needed a new battery.

Mi Solucion

The battery arrived earlier than expected, which was a nice surprise. Using ifixit's guide and powerful reading glasses, my husband and I were able to replace the battery easily and successfully! The photos and instructions made it easy. So, for less than $20.00, I now have an iPhone, and, according to my 13yr old, I finally don't embarrass him when making phone calls in front of his friends. Thank you, ifixit, for restoring my social status among 13 yr olds!

Mi Consejo

Don't forget your glasses! Those screws are TINY. As we removed the screws, we corralled them inside a clean, dry water bottle cap so none would escape during the operation. It worked for us!

Imagen iPhone 3G Replacement Battery
iPhone 3G Replacement Battery


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