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Easy Headphone Fix

lbutti -

iPod Touch 4th Generation

iPod Touch 4th Generation Headphone Jack Replacement


Mi Problema

My son broke off the end of his headphone inside his iPod Touch. Apple does not cover this under there warranty.

Mi Solucion

Went very smoothly. I took about an hour and a half to do the project. My son was really happy that he could how listen to his iPod.

Mi Consejo

Read the directions very carefully. Some times the directions are not perfectly clear. At that time stop and read them again. The directions did mention how to glue the screen back on the body of the iPod. It fits very snug and I found that a few small drops of model car glue did the trick.

Imagen iPod touch (4th Gen) Headphone Jack
iPod touch (4th Gen) Headphone Jack


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