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Swelling battery in a late-2008 unibody MacBook Pro

hollycroydon -

Mi Problema

Researching the issue of swelling Macbook batteries, a problem I am experiencing with my machine, I discovered an instructional video of how to puncture a small hole in the battery packets' foil wrapping to let out some of the gasses, and then resealing the hole. This method has cured the swelling issue for some people, allowing months or more of additional use. The Macbook Pro battery is housed underneath the trackpad. Swelling of the battery impedes the trackpad function, so it's either fix the problem or spend the bank on a new battery. I ordered the Home Tech Toolkit to obtain the triwing screwdriver needed to open the battery's case.

Mi Solucion

The triwing piece in the Home Tech Toolkit is not small enough for MacBook Pro battery, so I was unable to proceed. I did ask the iFixit gurus for advice on what size I might need, but of course they could not recommend the risky venture of opening a battery. I can't say I blame them for refraining to get involved with such antics!

The Home Tech Toolkit came very quickly after ordering. The handle piece in the kit was defective, sadly. BUT, I was promptly taken care of when I informed iFixit of the defect. I had a response email within minutes of my complaint. A replacement part was sent lickety split. And all the emails I received during the exchange were well written and seemed to be from a knowledgeable, helpful human being. I was very impressed.

Even though I couldn't complete the repair as I'd hoped, I'm happy with the professionalism and excellent service I received with iFixit. I would certainly recommend them.

Mi Consejo

I wish I had been able to attempt this (risky, I know, but potentially very rewarding) repair. I hate the idea of my battery, which still works fine other than the swelling thing, ending up in a landfill unnecessarily. Oh, well.

Good luck, all you iFixers!

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Essential Electronics Toolkit


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