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Broken power and sensor cable

unjunk -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Power & Lock Button Replacement

iPhone 4 Power & Lock Button Replacement

15 - 30 minutos


Mi Problema

Iphone 4 power/lock button stopped working (and clicking/depressing)

Mi Solucion

Great! At first I thought it was the actual power button, so I repaired that using the ifixit guide. Sadly, that didn't work, so I replaced the power and sensor cable. Everything works great now!

Mi Consejo

-- Might as well buy both the power button and power sensor cable replacement parts at the same time because the symptoms are the same and there is no way to know which part is busted.

-- My method for keeping screws organized is to take a piece of cardboard and write each step number and details about the part (size, color on diagram, location, etc). Then I punch a small dent in the cardboard (through one half of the corrugation) to make a small pocket to put the screw in. As long as you don't knock the whole piece of cardboard over, it works great. (duct tape would fix that...)

Imagen Pro Tech Toolkit
Pro Tech Toolkit


Imagen iPhone 4 and 4S Power and Lock Button
iPhone 4 and 4S Power and Lock Button


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