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Omg, scary by worth it...

bobscott -

Mac mini Mid 2011

Installing Mac mini Mid 2011 Dual Hard Drive Kit

Installing Mac mini Mid 2011 Dual Hard Drive Kit

2 - 4 horas


Mi Problema

Wanted to add A second HD (SSD) to new Mac mini Dual i7

Mi Solucion

My upgrade went great ! Followed the step by step, went in without too much hassle. I know I just voided the warranty on a 4 day old Mac mini, but for the money, why wouldn't you ....

Mi Consejo

This machine had an extra screw on the fan, total 3 , but the guide had 2. No issue, looks like apple used a longer screw , so in a few step later, one of the required screws was missing... Ie the extra fan screw... Also getting the antenna plate back correctly and seated tight was tricky, I had to set one screw light, then lift the plate on the opposite side , to get it into the grove correctly, then put in second screw and tighten both... Guide didn't say how to reassemble, it may not be obvious, but, just follow the disassemble backwards... Hey ifixit... You have a very satisfied customer !!!!

Imagen Mac mini Dual Drive Kit
Mac mini Dual Drive Kit


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