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iPod Touch Screen Replacement

psuengineer -

iPod Touch 4th Generation

iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

2 horas


Mi Problema

My 6 year old daughter dropped my iPod touch on the concrete patio causing it to crack from the corner that initially hit clear across the face. The iPod continued to function but pieces of the glass started to fall out in the corner after about a week

Mi Solucion

The repair when quicker than I thought. I found the disassembly a more difficult task than re-assembly. Removing the adhesives and copper tape proved challenging. The tutorial was good but could use details on the re-assemlby process. Once together I was extremely pleased when everything worked.

Mi Consejo

A lighted magnifying lens would have been helpful. The components are small and it can be difficult to reattach the digitizer leads.

Imagen iPod touch (4th Gen) Screen
iPod touch (4th Gen) Screen


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