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I was able to retrieve my game from my system but not able to completely fix it

rogernegron -

PlayStation 3

Yellow Light of Death Repair

Yellow Light of Death Repair

1 - 2 horas


Mi Problema

I had the ylod and decided to try and fix it because i wanted to keep my saves from previous games. Well i took it apart and did the kit and put it back together and boom it worked i was able to take the game out of the system and literally minutes later boom ylod again so i decided to take it apart again and try to fix it but to no avail so im currently sitting with a useless system unable to get my saves from my system upset yes but the kit worked for the most part and was able to salvage the game stuck in the system.

Mi Solucion

It was easy to take apart and put back together thanks to the awesome guide that you had on the website and the tool kit that came with it worked wonders

Mi Consejo

Be patient and take your time mark your screws with tape tabs for that specific step and you should have no problems and dont be discouraged if it doesnt work your system is old and might need further work but to me i felt very accomplished by taking apart the system and putting it back together i just wish they had something that told you exactly what the problem was is all

Imagen PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit
PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit


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