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Replacing keyboard mid 2010 MacBook pro 15

benjaminlewis93 -

Mi Problema

Water damaged unresponsive keyboard.

Mi Solucion

So basically, my little sister spilt vimto on my keyboard which led to a faulty keyboard, but still worked, so I used it as a desktop until I bought the replacement keyboard, I followed the tear down guide till the point of disassembling the keyboard which you guys diddnt have for my mac so I used my knowledge and gained general ideas of how to do it from YouTube and google, I managed to replace the keyboard with the 50 screw you had to remove, once put together, tested it out, mission failed. Geuss the damaged spread to the logic board, and after I replaced the keyboard, the trackpad was unresponsive also. So I thought, play it safe and specifically told of world the situation and awaiting a bill and a diagnosis, but ifixit instructions were really clear . I geuss it's a matter of knowing how much damage was done.

Mi Consejo

No justice, worse results, know your problem for sure by a specialist and consider if worth the risk

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